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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)


CO-GENERATION or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) cycle through Industrial Power Boilers & IB Turbo Back Pressure Steam Turbines have efficiencies over 90% compared to conventional Thermal plants operating at just 40%. This leads to inexpensive power generation, a fundamental requirement for sustainable business.

CO-GENERATION (CHP) is an integration of Process requirements, Turbine load and Boiler demand. IBL effectively integrates this information to provide the most cost effective solution which brings in rich financial rewards and short payback period.

The benefits flowing out from efficient CO-GENERATION (CHP) include
1. Reduction in Fuel, thereby reducing Green house gas emissions.
2. Use of Biomass and other Carbon Neutral Fuels to generate electricity.
3. Monetary benefits from Low Power generation cost, Accelerated
    Depreciation and Carbon Credits.
4. On site generation of Power for remote areas and where power availability
    is scarce.

Our engineers’ study the process requirements and then suggest the most appropriate turbine and boiler to match the process. With extensive experience, IBL brings in its strengths to the entire Power generation cycle.


Why is Co-Generation so attractive?
As the word CO-GEN goes, it signifies two Separate Generations, co-existing at the same time.
CO-GENERATION does not produce energy, it merely converts Heat energy to Electrical energy.
Therefore, excess Energy within the steam (from Superheat) is converted to Electrical energy within the turbine.
Since Thermal energy sources like Biomass or Coal are cheaper per Calorie compared to Electricity, power generated is cheap and economical.

For example,
1 kg of Coal = 5000 kcal = Rs. 4.50 = US$ 0.08
5000 kcal of Electricity = Rs.26.00 = US$ 0.47
A common misnomer is that energy is being produced
Steam being a basic need of the Process industry, generating it at higher pressure adds only 5 to 25% on the Fuel Costs, but Premium Energy (Power) is produced.




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